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How to Hang 6 Round Rug

6 Round Rug is not just to cover the floors: they are artwork and displayed. Oriental carpets, for example, add an elegant touch to the room when displayed on a wall. Since most carpets are heavy, hang them carefully to avoid damage to the fibers and safely so that they do not fall. Methods for hanging a rug on the wall depend on the size of the carpet and if the display is permanent or temporary.

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Cut a thick 6 Round Rug strip that measures an inch longer than the mat width and 1 1/2 inches wider than the width of the Velcro strap. Sew a half inch hem along the four sides of the cotton strap, and sew the soft side of the Velcro strap to this cotton strap. Attach Velcro straps to a straight line instead of following the contours of the fabric.

Release the cotton strap on the upper back of the carpet. Aim a 3-inch full length of finished wood against the hook side of 6 Round Rug and combine the two together with the help of rust resistant staples. Locate studs in the selected wall with a control detector. Drill holes for screws and attach wood to the wall with screws. Lift the carpet and adjust it to the length of wood on the wall. Adjust the carpet before attaching the lengths of Velcro straps so that the carpet hangs straight.

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