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Very Special Platform Bed with Storage

March 16, 2019 Platform Beds

Platform Bed Frame Planning Types

Platform Bed Frame – Platform beds can be easily distinguished by their individual characteristics, the most notable being the fact that they do not require a box spring. These interior room multiple beds parallel wooden slats that material the full weight of the bed, thus selecting the need for a separate box spring or other frames. In addition, most platform beds incorporate a low-height design and do not have head or foot-boards-boards.

However, they can be personalized and improved according to likes and personal tastes. Usually platform beds are made of wooden like teak, oak, etc. Prepare all the tools, saws, power drills, screws, and other tools. Keep all these things at your fingertips. You must cut the plywood into different platform bed frame respecting the measurements in your design plan. If you are not skilled enough to do this on your own, you can always get it done from your local furniture store.

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Start by focusing on the bed base. Assemble the different base frames that form the frame of your platform frames. Use a mix and match of adhesives and screws to bond them safety. It is advisable not to nail them together, as hammering can only make the wood splinter. Once the platform bed frame is done, it’s time to work on the wooden slats. Once again, attach the slats cut to the bed frame using adhesives and the screws at the joints for added strength

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